Original 18 karat Huggie Unisex Earring

Original 18 karat Huggie Unisex Earring
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This is original gold and not the cheap gold plated, original gold is very more expensive. If affordable gold is what you want, leave this category. Gold jewelry is sold “per gram”. For example, if a jewelry is 1gram,then the price of 1gram is 16,500. Then the calculation for the 3.8grams of earring in the picture  will be 16,500×3.8 = 62,700

.We also have different grams as well either lower or higher
Karat: 18 karat
Design: Handcrafted huggie earring
Length: Varies by weighing
Gram: 3.8g (varies according to availability)
The gram may vary slightly, in that event we will contact you to inform you of other alternatives.

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